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7 Critical Components of a Successful Marketing Plan in the Digital Age, Part 2
7 Critical Components of a Successful Marketing Plan in the Digital Age, Part 2

7 Critical Components of a Successful Marketing Plan in the Digital Age, Part 2

Cleveland, Ohio
July 28, 2017 02:16pm | Updated: December 16, 2017 02:20pm

rowth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
— James Cash Penney, Founder, JC Penney
All businesses, professional firms and nonprofits must continuously attract new customers, clients and donors to survive let alone thrive. Attracting your Next New Customer in the digital age has changed dramatically. The evolution of communication channels including the internet, email and mobile phones has made distributing our messages at scale dramatically less expensive. Although the modern digital age channels are less expensive they do require new strategies and tactics to be effective. This article will demonstrate how you can Attract Your Next New Customer in the Digital Age.

Your Next New Customer has Changed the Way they Buy
Understanding current marketing conditions is the first step. Your Next New Customer is using digital channels to take control of the purchasing process. They can search, compare and even discuss your organization and solutions online without you even being in the conversation, putting you at a distinct disadvantage. They can also rate, review and even rant online and you leaving you with little to no control. Worse, you may not even know about it. Your Next New Customer feels empowered by the Like button, rating sites and comment systems and they are never going to give it back.

Shields Up with VM, SPAM and even Ad Blockers
Your Next New Customer is busy just like you and I and does not want to be interrupted. They use caller-ID to send our calls to voice mail, SPAM filters to block our emails and even ad blockers so they don’t see our ads. Digital display advertising provides them free search, free email, and free social communications tools that are all funded by the digital ads we buy and they still want to block our ads.

Your Next New Customer Wants to Buy When They Want to Buy Not When We Want to Sell
Worse than not wanting to be interrupted, they simply don’t trust push marketing messages anymore. So they have made themselves experts in search and they are searching all over the internet. They search for facts on search engines, recommendations on social, and reviews on review sites and more, much more.

180 Degrees Out of Phase
Traditional push marketing messages and the purchasing behavior of our Next New Customer in the digital age is 180 degrees out of phase. We are pushing on digital channels, they are blocking our messages and at the very same time they are searching on the exact same digital channels. What are they searching for? In short, they are searching to solve a problem or improve the quality of their life or the life of someone they love. They are searching for you.

Attract and Build an Audience
There are many ways to attract an audience. One method is to demonstrate how your solutions can relive their pain and solve their problems. Your Next New Customer wants to be an educated purchaser before they even contact you, if they contact you. A study by Google demonstrated your Next New Customer can be up to 2/3rds of the way to a purchase decision based solely upon what they discovered online before they even consider contacting a vendor. This same study cited an example of a car buyer that researched 14 different local dealerships online before she ruled out 12 and only visited 2. If you are one of the twelve you lost an opportunity to make a sale.

Engage Your Audience in a Meaningful Way
Your Next New Customer is not only searching they are engaging with people that are experts in your field with top of the funnel activities such as connecting on social media channels, subscribing to newsletters and blog sites. Demonstrate how your expertise can improve the quality of their life buy answering questions, publishing articles or posting videos.

Nurture Audience Through Sales Funnel
In the digital age it is critically important that they know you care. Show your Next New Customers how you have solved problems for others with ratings, reviews and success stories. Create new unique Calls to Action to nurture them to the point of sale. Demonstrate your superior customer service with a gateway product or solution that everyone needs and can afford. Show them ways they can get started now with little or no risk.

Mine Audience for Referrals
Your audience cares about what you are publishing or they wouldn’t subscribe to your site or connect with you on social media. They are already talking about a problem they want to solve or a way they want to improve the quality of their life with friends, family and their social sphere. Encourage your audience to share your articles and videos with others and they can be a referral source even before they are your Next New Customer.

“Your Next New Customer has Changed the Way They Buy, Have You Changed the Way You Sell?”
-Mark Boepple
"Change before you have to."
-Jack Welch

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank You.

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Your next new customer has changed the way they buy . . . Have you changed the way you sell?