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Ride the 2017 Internet Wave to Grow Your Business
Ride the 2017 Internet Wave to Grow Your Business

Ride the 2017 Internet Wave to Grow Your Business

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June 16, 2017 07:39am | Updated: December 23, 2017 07:48am

he digital age continues to disrupt every facet of our lives especially growing our businesses.  This was keenly evidenced in Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins annual report entitled “Internet Trends 2017 Code Conference”.  Mary Meeker is a prominent venture capitalist, expert in all things digital and called the Nostradamus of technology by Wired Magazine.

Mary’s 2017 355-page report is truly a comprehensive overview of all things digital – markets, industries, countries, statistics, areas of growth and decline.  We will outline some of the more critical takeaways for small and medium-sized businesses, (SMB’s) nonprofits, and professionals here.

Time spent online by US adults continues to grow at a solid 4% YoY rate with mobile leading the way. This has advertisers throwing money at digital ads at an incredible rate. Global digital advertising’s growth rate increased 24% YoY” at the expense mostly of television ads. The only thing growing faster than digital ads is digital ad blocking software on desktop, tablets and especially mobile devices. In addition to ad blocking software deployed by your Next New Customers, (do you think they are trying to tell us something) ad fraud, click bots and malvertising ("malicious advertising") can all greatly diminish the results of digital advertising.

Measurable Advertising Metrics are Improving
In short digital is growing and everything else is shrinking, but is digital advertising really working? The good news is, advertisers say they like the improvements in measuring digital ad results. The bad news as Mary points out “the advertisers don’t always like the data collected”.

Major Disruptions to Your Digital Marketing Continue
Disruptions continue to accelerate in every aspect of the digital world. Here are a few Mary mentions.

Voice Search
Voice is beginning to replace typing in online queries. Twenty percent of mobile queries were made via voice in 2016, while voice accuracy is now about 95 percent.

Content Marketing
Small startup companies like Glossier are able to grow at 500%+ YoY using content marketing to battle entrenched giants like Estee Lauder, Lancome and Sephora. Content Marketing is a David and Goliath marketing opportunity of biblical proportions for SMB’s, professionals and nonprofits.

Data Growth Continues to Explode
The amount of digital information available continues to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate. Data continues to grow because your Next New Customer is searching for it every day. (Read on to discover how to compete and win in this dynamic environment) We have gone way beyond measuring data in gigabytes and terabytes. We have rocketed past petabytes and exabytes to measuring the world's data in zettabytes. What’s the heck is a zettabyte you may ask? To put it in perspective, one terabyte is a Million gigabytes and one petabyte is a million terabytes and one exabyte is a million petabytes. One million petabytes is a zettabyte. In short, a zettabyte is 22 digits long. In 2015 the worlds digital data stood at 12 ZB and in 2025 it is estimated to grow to 163 ZB.

The Digital Age Has Turned Marketing Upside Down & Inside Out
In yesterday’s analog business model “Great Products Found Great Customers”. In today’s digital age “Great Customers Find Great Products”. Brick and mortar stores continue to close, while online sales continue to grow. This doesn’t have to be. Savvy location-based businesses can still win in both worlds but only with the right digital marketing strategy.

The digital world is here to stay and continues to improve our lives and disrupt our businesses.  It is critical to include the right digital marketing mix in your business so your Next New Customers can find and engage with you where “they” are, online. Mary’s 2017 report gives credence to our position about the digital marketing age we live in, “People Want to Buy – They DON’T Want to be Sold”.

How You Can Grow Your Business in the Digital Age
Don’t rely only on other channels you don’t control to grow your business. Build your own audience on a platform you own and control so your Next New Customer has an opportunity to get to know you. Joe Pulizzi, Founder of The Content Marketing Institute” famously askes, “Why would you want to build a house on rented ground?”

Engage your audience with meaningful content in a personalized way to give your audience an opportunity to like you.

Demonstrate you are the expert they are looking for. Promote ratings and reviews of others to engender trust so your audience has the confidence to reach out and buy from you.

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